0805: Taking Off


I was remarking to Cindy the other night that we had not seen any luna moths this year. And then I remembered that she found this one dead in our driveway last year. So I retrieved it from the baggie I had originally placed it in and set it against one of my many rocks.


This week I’m mixing a few things I’ve been playing with. We are leaving for vacation tomorrow so I’m a day early with this post and not real focused. These three images involved the fossils I  found on my last trip to Tuscany.


I’ve been drawing a lot lately, so the old weathered pastel box seemed to fit the mood.




Whenever I can’t focus I can always go to my default place – hammer and chisel in hand – cracking rocks open.


All three from the same rock from the quarry.




And, last for today (and until I return in a couple of weeks), a few shots of the neighborhood.


Thanks for the visit.


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