Devonian Dreams

The image above is the lead image in an exhibition of my work currently on display at the Museum of the Earth located in Ithaca, New York. The show consists of twenty three images of marine invertebrate found in and around my home in Catskill, New York. These earliest residents (380 million years old) from the Devonian Period have captured my attention and imagination ever since I tripped over my first fossil rock.

As photographic subject matter they speak to me just as a face does to a portrait photographer. But these fossils speak from a far distant past, when the ground under my feet was the bottom of a vast inland sea that stretched from here out through Ohio.

Devonian Dreams will be on display through January 8, 2012. Please visit the Museum in the heart of New York State. For those unable to visit, you can view the full gallery of images here:

Devonian Dreams Gallery

A catalog of the show is available in both full color magazine format as well as digital format.

Devonian Dreams catalog

Limited edition prints from the exhibit are available. Inquire at

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