0730: Out of the Woods


Lately, just about every turn I take I run into another story about Lyme disease ( and the stories get worse and worse). These encounters leave me less and less prone to engaging in my usual summer activity of hiking stream beds in search of fossils. Those same stream beds will be there when conditions change. Fortunately, the thousands of rock and fossils I have carted here over the years give me ample material to work with.




Combine that with the various props, surfaces, etc. that have also accumulated around here and I realize that I have more than enough to choose for subject matter.




So, some of today’s images are the result of visits to the prop pile and the curiosity cabinet for inspiration!





(Yes, that’s the same shrunken mushroom that appeared in the last two posts – can’t seem to get rid of it!)















A heavy fog slowly lifted the other morning. This was some of what I saw.


Spider webs appeared on the ground, helping to create this vignette at my rock pile. The Mexican religious artifact had been lying there for a while. You never know what might be laying around at this place.


Tomorrow night (Friday), take a look up. It’s a blue moon!

Thanks for the visit.

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