My name is Art Murphy and I am a fine art photographer living in upstate New York. After a career of image making in NYC I happily transitioned from the city to a quiet country road tucked away in the woods between the Hudson River and the eastern edge of the Catskills. At that time my interest in photographing industrial archaeology gave way to a new project that has captured my energies. I live atop a vast treasure trove of 380 million year old fossils – primarily Devonian Period marine invertebrates. After tripping over them enough times I took a closer look and became entranced with their beauty and excited by the photographic possibilities inherent. Five years into the project and I continue to see open ended opportunities to explore visually, learn more about early life on this planet, and spend lots of time hiking the woods with hammer, chisel, and camera.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I just spent some time at this and your other site absorbing the beautiful photography. Without a doubt, this is some of the finest work I’ve seen a long time. I do photography at the local Museum here (as a volunteer) and will pass this link on the geologist there. I know he will be as excited as I am now.

  2. I wish I had the photographic vocabulary to do these images justice, they are absolutely stunning.
    Likewise with the palaeological content. And I also wish I had visited the museum in Florence since I have visited the city and Tuscany several times. As it happens my interest in Leonardo led to wandering the dedicated museums and getting married at his birthplace in Vinci.
    At the time my very amateur fascination since childhood in fossils, primarily from exploring limestone streams and ‘pavements’ in Yorkshire picking out belemnites, bivalves and corals, had not been rekindled to the point it has now.
    I currently live on cretaceous sandstone, and after a decade of climbing on it I started to realise the fossil hunting opportunities all around me and nearby.
    This is a wonderful site full of interest and truly beautiful photography that I feel completely under qualified to comment on more than that.

  3. I’m not sure with what and how you capture your images, or what you do in post processing but the treatment is as gorgeous as the subject matter is compelling. I’m now a follower.

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