0529: Music and Fossils


I’ve noticed on Facebook lately people posting older images – Throwback Thursday it’s called. So this week I begin on a personal note. About twenty or so years ago this young boy attached himself to the violin he’s holding in the picture above. During all these passing years I have been amazed and awed by the commitment he has shown toward that instrument and toward music itself.

He’s twenty-eight now – my son Shaun Balin. And next Wednesday night (June 4, 8 PM Eastern) he will be playing at the Country Music Television Awards – one of those big tv extravaganzas. As part of the house band for the evening, he’ll be playing fiddle, and banjo, and mandolin, and acoustic guitar.


 It’s hard to describe the feelings of pride and goodwill I have for him.



Now some fossils. I’m always trying to find a way to sort out, arrange, and store my ever-increasing piles of fossils – thousands of them – all to no avail. I began to panic the other day, seeing myself for a moment as some hapless hoarder!


But every opportunity to sort through that mess usually results in fresh new images. Rediscovered, reimagined, and reused.


They are gifts that just keep giving.


Sometimes it’s the light.


Sometimes it’s the background.


Sometimes it’s the fresh weathering.


and sometimes it’s simply the wonder of natural design.




In the midst of cleaning and sorting I couldn’t resist the old Kodak film carrier for a couple of favorite objects.



These next three images are the result of my latest trip to the quarry. I found a couple of new areas to explore up there – each providing me with objects different from my usual options:







I was particularly taken by the following quotation, so much so that I felt it worth sharing.

Dalai LamaThanks for the visit.

1 thought on “0529: Music and Fossils

  1. Congratulations to your sun (and you, too). He’s got to be pretty good to get a gig like that! You have a right to be proud.
    Oh, the other images are stunning, too. Someday you’ll have to describe the technical process you use to get this look.

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