0605: A Wealth of Subjects


Cleaning around the studio recently allowed me to become reacquainted with many fossils I have found over time. And rummaging through those piles always turns up “fresh” material to focus on. The neighboring quarry alone provides me with seemingly endless supplies of fossils. And then there’s the rest of the world to aim a camera at.


So from time to time I feel a need to make a little progress in the backlog I have in many categories. That’s why today is something of a mixed bag. All these images are new, but come from different sources. These first three have been waiting on my deck for their turn in front of the camera.




I found this group of brachiopods as is – grouped together on the face of a rock that was disintegrating all on its own – from the quarry but in an area I hadn’t previously explored.


I brought a number of them back to the studio. You’ll probably see them again as time goes on. There are thousands of brachiopod “variations” and they are certainly a predominant fossil throughout the area. As they are plentiful, so too then are they my subject matter:














I took a break from looking down for fossils and looked up long enough to find these two buildings that caught my eye.

IMG_2064_01 copy 2LR_10



And I leave you with a brief return to my Devonian Drawer series – a crinoid stem matched with a cutting from the yard.

Thanks for the visit.

3 thoughts on “0605: A Wealth of Subjects

  1. I certainly could use some different scenery. A bit rocky here but not due to landscape! Happy spring. Susan

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