0522: Continued


Starting off this post with yet another new piece, going off in a new direction. Actually, there does seem to be an ongoing thread. Aside from the compositional issues, the boldness of color (as compared to many earlier more muted pieces) must reflect my recent experiences at the local quarry.


Here’s a look at the quarry wall that has provided me with the colorful “iron oxide” effects. The loader’s bucket scrapes down the wall, loosening the fractured rock. Sometimes the result is a flat pattern.

IMG_1529_01_LR_10Other times it exposes the streaks of color.


In the case of this quarry, these layers rarely produce fossil. The very top layer of capstone, on the other hand, is as dense with fossils as any I’ve ever seen. And there is where I find the very large brachiopods and other assorted marine invertebrates that have graced this site for a long time.

Here is a selection of the latest color work – every scrape of the shovel produces new and fresh opportunities.













These are times when I wish I knew something more about geology. It appears that there are some kind of transitional layers that bridge those two very different sections. These next few images suggest that very thought. Very small brachiopods appear in the shale, as do occasional gastropods. As you can see, the rust colors mix with these fossils – something that does not occur in the heavily fossil laden top layer.







And, finally, this is typical of the fossils found on top. The various layers represent a huge span of time during which significant change occurred. It’s a fascinating story, one I wish I understood better. If anyone out there is able to elaborate I would be most grateful for your comments.



Enough about rocks and fossils for now. I’d like to leave you with a pic from the Blue Ridge Highway in southwestern Virginia.


 Thanks for the visit.

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