0814: A Welcome Break


I got a call yesterday from my friend and neighbor Harry. He’d just come from a stretch of creek leading to the falls across the road. That approach to the falls is a wide expanse of rock, filled with pockets, cracks, etc. He found lush algae blooms in those water-filled cracks and crevices and thought they could make for some fine images.


Now that my show was up and running, it was long past time for me to address an out of control file system. And, after a day full of opening and deleting files, I needed a break from the computer. Perfect timing! I uncrossed my eyes, grabbed my camera and met up with Harry.


It’s funny what catches your eyes though. Harry went down there to look for driftwood for his sculptures and he found algae. I went down to look for algae and found fossils!


I’ve walked these rocks many times and, while I would spot a brachiopod every now and then, I never had such luck here. So I present an interesting variety of brachiopods – some delicate and elegant – some gnarly and weathered – all a result of that phone call. Thanks Harry!




















I’ll finish with a non-fossil image from yesterday as well – a rock surface that I just couldn’t pass up.


Thank you to all who made it to my opening the other night. A good night made all the more special by sharing it with friends.

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