0821: One Thing Leads to Another


Word from a friend got me back down to the creek again, just a couple of hundred yards upstream from the area described in last week’s post. This time it was about large exposed slabs filled with solid layers of small brachiopods. They are all over the place down there, with clusters stretching many feet at a time over wide areas. Needless to say, there are several more trips to come. But for now I have these two images to give you a sense of what’s there.


Despite this find, as often happens, I was distracted by something else – a medium sized sandstone app. 14″x10″x8″. I had been hoping to find one lately. The creek is where they usually appear but I’ve been spending all my “exploring” time at the quarry (where no such thing can be found).


The sandstones can be great finds, thanks to the density and diversity of fossils contained. Oftentimes, the surface gives a hint of what might lie within. In fact, the “header” that has opened this blog for the past three years is a cutaway of a coarse sandstone I had once found further downstream. The oversized image above is the result of my first slice of this rock.


The remaining images all result from that first slice. Here we have a long, delicate piece of rugose coral. The following image is the reverse impression of that piece of coral.




Many brachiopods and fragments everywhere.



Even part of a trilobite eye.



Two different views of a particularly well defined brachiopod.









And this rostroconch – as large and well-delineated as anyone I’ve found. And all this from one hit on the chisel! Much more to come.




One last note – My solo exhibit will remain up through September 7. I’ll be sitting the gallery this weekend (Aug. 23-24, noon ’til 6pm). Drop by and say hello if you plan to be in the area.


As always, thanks for the visit.

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