0227: An Odd Mix

IMG_6934_01_LR_10I’ve been so busy printing for two upcoming shows that I have no new fossil images once again (I do hope the snow goes away soon). So, in the meantime, I have an odd mix for you.

On Saturday, March 8, as a new member of the Beacon Artist Union (BAU Gallery), I will be sharing Gallery 2 with the other new member, David Link. I will be showing pieces from my Devonian Drawer series, printed large for the first time. Gallery 1 will hold a group show of the members (there are ten of us) entitled “Tasty.” That’s 6-9 PM, Saturday, March 8.

IMG_7198_02_LR_12For all you Woodstockers (and WAAM members), Carl van Brunt has an opening of his work on the other end of Beacon’s Main Street at Theo Ganz Gallery, same date, same time. So make the drive down to Beacon and check out both shows.


IMG_4329_01_LR_12Also on March 8 – I am excited to say that my recent Florence exhibition has found a new home in the Tuscan town of Fucecchio. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Andrea Vanni Desideri, scientific director of the Fucecchio Civic Museum, the show will run from the 8th of March thru the 23rd. The Museum building dates back to the 13th and 14th Centuries and is filled with delights ranging from paintings by Renaissance masters, to local archaeological and paleontological treasures to a truly mind blowing ornithological collection from the 19th Century. It is an honor and privilege to have my work displayed there and I am most grateful for the opportunity.

Here are a few pics from our last visit when we begin to plan for the show:

IMG_4333_01_LR_12Scene in the Town Square

IMG_4327_01_LR_12Museum Courtyard

IMG_4325_01_LR_10View from the Museum Balcony


Murphy_Art_July4,SaugertiesJuly 4, Saugerties

One last note about shows – I’m happy to say that these two images have been selected into this year’s 36th Annual Photo Regional Exhibition at Albany Center Gallery, which takes place from March 11th to April 18th. (Awards and artists reception is April 4, 2014 5-9 p.m.)

Murphy_Art_Devonian_CrinoidsDevonian Crinoids


Rio_Grande_Zephyr_in_1983-615x345This picture is not one of mine, but rather ran with a story in today’s news about Amtrak setting up some writers’ residency program. It sounds like an interesting idea. But it was the image that captured me. You see, during much of my 20s, before I picked up a camera, I was a locomotive engineer with the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad. Quite an amazing job, I must say as I reflect back on it. We ran on some of the most beautiful (and sometimes scary) track in the world, up and down the Rockies. I had the opportunity to run the 5771 many times! So it was a treat to be reminded of it this morning!


IMG_2576_LR_10I’ll finish with one more piece of nostalgia. Late last night, flipping through the channels right before going to bed, what should I run across but an episode of Rocky Jones, Space Ranger! This was perhaps my favorite and perhaps most impressionable show I ever watched as a very young boy. Look closely at the insignia pin on Rocky’s hat.

IMG_7074_01_LR_10Yeah, here’s mine! I bought it on ebay quite a few years ago. And I swear it was that show that fed my early desire to explore. The show ran before the first astronauts – and here were these characters traveling the universe…


…and doing it in style!

 IMG_2555_LR_10I still want to go into space.


Thanks for the visit.

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