0220: Acceptance

_MG_4696_01_LR_10My thanks to a few of my friends (you know who you are) who have, at various times over the past month, suggested that I may be a tad too cranky (downright surly, even) in my reactions to the winter we are currently experiencing! The fact that I hear the same crankiness in choruses at large is no excuse. Complaining about the weather may just be the silliest and most futile of efforts, unless, of course, one is referring to the climate changes that are affecting the entire globe. For today, though, it’s more about the mundane realities like shoveling, drying wet socks, etc.

_MG_4709_01_LR_10So, instead of complaining, I decided to “live in the moment” a bit more (never a bad tack) and appreciate the surroundings – just a minor shift in perspective. And that brought the camera out and that led to a walk down to Kaaterskill Creek. And that led to these two different views of the creek and the traces of a passing animal.

IMG_6064_01_LR_12And a drive to get my morning coffee led to this hill of moguls? erratic golf ball dimples? Rather, it’s a pile of tires covered in snow.

IMG_6146_01_LR_12Last, but not least, a stop down the road for these two views of a neighbor’s shed.



Late in the afternoon a few days ago, on one of those “too cold to be outside” days, hard sunlight raked across part of the studio. It gave me a wonderful opportunity for some creative play – simple fun with shadows.

IMG_6085_01_LR_12The first two – plastic water bottles against a bowed background. And the third – parts from an old film projector.

IMG_6071_01_LR_12  _______________

Hopefully, if the snow melts this week, I’ll be back with some fossil images. I have bags full of crinoid pieces begging for their moment in the spotlight! Until then, I’ll leave you with some snowless images from Rome.

IMG_4899_01_LR_12Borghese Gardens


IMG_4811_01_LR_10Gardener’s Shed


IMG_4782_01_LR_10Roman Bath House Ruins


IMG_4779_01_LR_10Courtyard with Early Artifacts


IMG_4761_01_LR_10Ancient Roman Wall


IMG_4758_01_LR_12Street Shrine


IMG_4771_01_LR_10Flower Vendor


Thank you for the visit.


One thought on “0220: Acceptance

  1. So love the Borghese Gardens, saw decades ago, less ivy. Better watch that focus on natural wonders–you could become a mystic yet.

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