1017: Back from Italy


Just got home the night before last after spending four wonderful weeks in Italy. I’ll have much to show and discuss about the trip in coming weeks – especially all the events surrounding my show at the Museum of Natural History in Florence. For now, though, I chose to put together an eclectic mix from a partial first edit – ones that jumped out at me for whatever reason.

The image above was actually done here yesterday. I came back with some Pliocene fossils we found on a trip in the country with my friends Elisabetta and Stefano. Here one sits on a rusted old pot that I found in the same field.


In no particular order, here are some images from the trip:


Street Lamp, Florence


IMG_4052_01_LR_12Country Church, Tuscany



Fish, La Specola, Florence

Most people equate La Specola with their anatomical waxworks but there is so much more. These are a couple from their Fish Collection.




Near Spoleto






Two views of the same little castle town in Umbria – one from above, the other from below.




Empty Studio, Florence



Public Garage, Spoleto






St. Sebastian, Florence



Graffiti, Rome


Much more to come.

Thanks for visiting.

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