061418: My Kind of Exercise

I was playing around with different background ideas and thought this one might have  promise – especially when I placed randomly patterned fossils on top.

For a first, brief moment the fossils seem to fade right into that background.



By now the background had my attention and I was curious as to what other objects might be compatible. That’s when I remembered the large box of sea shells hidden away on a back shelf. Actually, they were mostly broken pieces.

Even the pieces have nature’s graceful curves.



By now I’ve become far more interested in the shells than I am with the background! The warmth of this background creates a very different feeling about these objects.




It made sense to me that the course of this day’s shooting would have me finish with a few fossils sitting on background #2.


This last one, a fossil grouping, was treated to a little photoshop playfulness. But it does have a certain charm to it.

Thanks for the visit.

6 thoughts on “061418: My Kind of Exercise

  1. What fun! I like seeing your hand at work in the swirls. Also, thank you for showing the beauty in broken shells. Now I will look at the ones I find differently. Would you reveal what background #2 is?

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