_MG_2741_01 _LR_10Just a few brief notes today. The first two pics (above and below) were accepted into juried shows opening at the Woodstock Artists Assn. & Museum (WAAM) this Saturday, July 20, at 4 PM. A very nice selection of work was chosen, so that should make for two good shows.



Good news regarding the Small Town Parade show at SPAF – The show has been extended through August 11. Weekend hours are 1-5 Saturdays and Sundays and weekdays are normal business hours.

We had a great opening night with a big crowd. Reviews have been glowing. More info at smalltownparade.com



I will not be posting next week. Instead. I’ll be spending six nights (and days) in the cabin atop Platte Clove – all thanks to the Catskill Center and the Platte Clove Artists’ Residency program that they administer. I am excited at the possibilities – the Clove and surrounding area is stunningly beautiful. And I am most grateful to have been chosen for the program.





The fossils in today’s images are, once again, from the surrounding area.

The Earth giveth – enjoy!





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IMG_9357_01_LR_12Today I’d like to wrap up my recent work from the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. It was as successful a shooting experience as I’ve had in a long time. I should once again thanks the folks there in New Haven for their hospitality and assistance.

But before I get to those images I’d you to know about two exhibits occurring in Woodstock, NY this Saturday. The image above is one of five from my Devonian Drawer series that will occupy the Active Members Wall at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum. And the image below, Cornet, was selected for the Small Works Show and received an Honorable Mention Award. Opening for both, along with the Far & Wide exhibit, is set for Saturday afternoon, the 15th, from 4-6 PM. If you are in the area please drop by.


IMG_0071_01+_0076_LR_12Let me begin the Peabody images with a pair of pairs – something that I have been experimenting with of late – yet another example of the fossils suggesting to me where to go with them. The above image shows two crinoids that work well together. The one below is two different views of the same fossil (gastropod?).


IMG_0384_01_LR_12 IMG_0380_01_LR_10 IMG_0303_01_LR_10_______________

IMG_0340_01_LR_12 IMG_0427_01_LR_10 IMG_0360_01_LR_12_______________

IMG_0545_01_LR_10 IMG_0395_01_LR_12 IMG_0238_01_LR_10_______________

IMG_0632_01_LR_12 IMG_0513_01_LR_12 IMG_0092_01_LR_10_______________

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030813 – Great News from Florence

IMG_8525_01_LR_10I am very happy to announce that plans are under way and a date has been set for a solo show of my fossil images at the Museum of Natural History in Florence, Italy. It will open on September 20 of this year in the Geology and Palaeontology Division. It is an honor to have been asked and I regard this as a true highlight of my career. I’ll have much to share about this event in coming days and much to reflect upon. For now though, before anything else is said, I would like to thank Dr. Elisabetta Cioppi and Dr. Stefano Dominici for their kindness and thoughtfulness. Their desire, and my hope, is to use my images as a point of entry to the world of invertebrate fossils, many of which will be on display as part of the exhibit.IMG_8967_01b_LR_10Of course, all of this will necessitate another trip to Florence, a city that overwhelms the senses in so many ways. The museums leave one speechless. The history of art, the Renaissance, the early appreciation and melding of art and science, all become part of the air one breathes from the moment you arrive.IMG_8655_01_LR_10The churches are magnificent, from Santa Croce to the tower of the Duomo. IMG_8623_01_LR_10  _______________IMG_8406_01But it’s the streets that are so captivating. At every turn modern day coexists with the past. They bump up against each other and, in the fight for space, choose to coalesce into something most unique.IMG_9427_01_LR_10Graffiti and posters, mopeds and delivery trucks share space with ornate fountains and architectural elements hundreds of years old.IMG_8782_01_LR_10IMG_9412_01_LR_10Sometimes the graffiti is subtle. Sometimes the posters slap you in the face.IMG_9504_01a_LR_10And then there are times when it converses with the ever present religious imagery.IMG_9420_01_LR_10Street shrines often appear in the most unlikely places, thanks once again to the historical density.IMG_9417_01_LR IMG_9525_01_LR_12 IMG_9407_01_LR IMG_9523_01_LR_10And then there’s always a sweet little visual surprise around the next corner when you least expect it!IMG_8786_01_LR_10One final note – For anyone in the Woodstock, NY area – two of my Paris images will hang in two openings at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum – 4 PM on Saturday. Please drop by.

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Awaiting the Storm

IMG_8419_01_LR_12I ran out early this morning to photograph the first wave of snow – part of what I am sure will be the worst storm of the season – or was it going to be the worst of the century – or millennium – I forget which – the forecasters keep changing the predictions. What they don’t change, though, is just how dire our fate is. Here is a map from weather.com earlier today. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

weathermapBy the time you read this you might have already heard our fate here in the Northeast – whether or not civilization as we know it will survive! Just a note – it is February. It’s supposed to snow. Enjoy the snow.





Personal business had me on the road unexpectedly this past week, thus the day late posting. With few opportunities to take pictures I decided to (safely) make use of drive time to put my “point and shoot” to good use. Hits and misses can be largely random. Sometimes they can produce interesting results. Here are a few of those from the trip:








One last note – The following piece, a new work of mine (which ran in last week’s post) was selected for a show scheduled to open tomorrow, February 9, at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum. The juror of the show was Carrie Haddad, owner of the Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, N.Y.


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Gilboa Meets WAAM

I am happy to report that the above image, entitled Gilboa Tree Fossil, has won an award at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum’s upcoming show “Earth, Air, Water.” The opening is Saturday, June 16, 4-6 PM and will run for a month.

The proper name of the fossil is Eospermatopteris and it comes from the floor of the world’s oldest forest in nearby Gilboa. I’ll have much more on the topic of Gilboa in the next few weeks. In the meantime, let me tell you a few things about WAAM.

Since its establishment in 1920 it has served as a hub for art and artists throughout the wider Woodstock area. In its earlier days membership included such luminaries as George Bellows, Rockwell Kent, Robert Henri, and many others. An article about Woodstock,  appearing in Life Magazine (August 22, 1938), referred to WAAM: “The ‘Local Louvre’ houses many a violent art controversy during its annual summer exhibits.” And referring to an aerial photo of the town, it went on: “In midsummer, little of Woodstock surmounts the trees except steeple of church which few artists attend. Nearly every barn is a studio.” I wonder how much has changed and how much has stayed the same.

These days it’s a great place to show one’s work, and a great place to view interesting and stimulating work. While it might appear to sometimes vacillate from “venerable and creaky” to “interesting and thought provoking” (depending on one’s perspective at any given moment) it is always well worth a visit.

Summer is just about here and that means visits to other local gems. This one is the Indian Ladder Trail at Thatcher Park. The park is located on the Helderberg Escarpment, one of the best fossil-bearing formations in the entire country.

Cold ice cream. fresh local fruits and vegetables. And, thanks to my friend and neighbor, Bo, a garden that always puts on stunning displays. So, for a change, instead of fossils, I’ll end with images from that beautiful garden.

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Too Hot!!

Not only is it too hot, as all would agree, but repeated brownouts are making this task a bit more challenging than usual. So I’ll need to be brief today. Here are a few places to visit that will be air-conditioned and will have walls full of interesting artwork (including mine) – a good way to beat the heat.

A reception for the 75th annual Hudson Mohawk Regional Art Exhibition, juried by Holly Hughes of RISD, was held  last night at the Albany Institute of History and Art. It’s a terrific show in a wonderful venue. I’m happy to say that two of my fossil images were chosen for the exhibit, which will run through Labor Day.

At the GCCA Gallery in Catskill, NY Fawn Potash has once again put together another interesting and stimulating juried show entitled “Big, Wide World”. My accepted work is entitled “Phase”:

And tomorrow, July 22, the Woodstock Artists’ Association and Museum will open its doors to two juried shows. In the main gallery one of my new pieces hangs:

And in the Small Works Show:

So, take an “art break” , get out of the hot sun, and visit a gallery or two.

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