080918: Stuff

I found a rusty old box at a yard sale last Saturday. I never know when something like that might make a good prop. The deal came to one dollar but I had to take its contents. I am now the proud owner of a rusty box full of rusty nuts and bolts. And that is how artists’ studios fill up with all kinds of stuff. Some might even call it junk.

As I looked at the contents of the box I soon realized that I have shelves and boxes full of stuff, work surfaces filled with multiple items, etc. And that’s today’s subject – all from my studio inside and out. Nuts and bolts followed by a near infinity of paint brushes to…


Box of Props

Reams of Scribbled Paper

Wiry Branches

Dead and Dying Flowers




A Garden of Props

Rocks from Jasper Beach


On a completely different note, I ran across these two images in an old folder and had to bring them out – both from about ten years ago.


One final note – we’ll be away for a couple of weeks, eating lots of ice cream!

Thanks for the visit.


I’ve been going through boxes that have been stored for way too long – finding a few things that deserve to be saved but much more that should have been tossed long ago. Thousands of chromes and prints, old tearsheets, daytimers, etc. Anyway, the image above definitely deserved to be saved. A Polaroid transfer from a visit with my son to the pumpkin patch a long time ago. Most appropriate for this time of year. Glad I found it!


We’ve had a few very fine autumn days lately, the kind that just want to make you move. Usually for me that means trying to sort out the many piles of fossil rocks that surround my studio. And, invariably, I notice features that I hadn’t seen during earlier encounters. It’s almost like finding fresh new subject matter. That’s great for making more images; not so great for sorting and organizing! But, then, I can live happily with that.

So today I present a mix of local fossils used in different ways. These three are a continuation of my Devonian Drawer series – the first time I’ve worked on that series in months.


I’m always looking for interesting and/or odd textures to experiment with, backgrounds that can work with certain fossils. In this case, storage once again yielded more opportunities (Maybe recycling the stored junk into one’s consciousness is an inexpensive and effective way to endlessly explore!) This time my attention was grabbed by a funky old frame that I bought years ago as a prop. The torn canvas of a rather forgettable painting provided some worthwhile starting points.




And finally, a few pairs. Brachiopods from the hill behind the studio. Trilobites from our recent visit to Ithaca. And, following the first frost of the season, a pair of flowers from my neighbor Bo’s spectacular garden.


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