0130: More Design

IMG_7549_01a_LR_10Museum of Comparative Anatomy, Paris


I continue to pour through my libraries, finding new and interesting ways to group various images. One topic that I simply cannot ignore is the amazing opportunity provided by fossils and rocks – capturing the designs in Nature never cease to amaze me. I have put together this selection of images that, I think, is a good example of this thought.


IMG_0303_01a_LR_10Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven


IMG_2306_01c_LR_10Crinoid Ossicles, Chazy Reef, Vermont


This next group of five images are plant fossils from Schoharie Creek, ranging from one to three feet across.








These last four are representative of the places I find myself in – fossils or not, these are the wonders I often find myself amongst.


Schoharie Creek, Gilboa, NY


Kaaterskill Creek, Catskill, NY


Trace Fossils, Catskill, NY

IMG_2772_01a_LR_10Ausable Chasm, NY


Two personal comments on the way out.


It was exactly fours years ago when I first exhibited my fossil images at the GCCA Gallery in Catskill. Unsure how the work would be regarded, I was ultimately gratified by the response. And I remain especially thankful to my good friend, Fawn Potash, for having faith and giving me that opportunity. Much has happened since that show!


Much of the upside of being a working photographer, to me, was always the notion that the camera was a ticket (or a pass) that allowed one into a world of experiences that few other occupations could ever match. I have many fine memories of unique and special encounters.

seegerv3_lr_12A number of years ago I had the good fortune of spending a day photographing Pete Seeger at his hilltop home overlooking the Hudson River. I was shooting for Bill Moyers’ production company. Bill was there to conduct an extended interview. As we strolled through the neighboring woods Pete spoke about everything from the Spanish Civil War to the blacklists of the 1950s. But it was talk about the Vietnam protests and their respective individual roles that produced one of the most amazing conversations I have been privy to. While Pete was one of the major figures protesting, Mr. Moyers was President Johnson’s Press Secretary. What each side knew and did not know about the other at that time was fascinating.

Mr. Seeger was a true giant who very few could ever match. You could feel his presence. It was palpable. And it was truly special. Rest in Peace.

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Too Hot!!

Not only is it too hot, as all would agree, but repeated brownouts are making this task a bit more challenging than usual. So I’ll need to be brief today. Here are a few places to visit that will be air-conditioned and will have walls full of interesting artwork (including mine) – a good way to beat the heat.

A reception for the 75th annual Hudson Mohawk Regional Art Exhibition, juried by Holly Hughes of RISD, was heldĀ  last night at the Albany Institute of History and Art. It’s a terrific show in a wonderful venue. I’m happy to say that two of my fossil images were chosen for the exhibit, which will run through Labor Day.

At the GCCA Gallery in Catskill, NY Fawn Potash has once again put together another interesting and stimulating juried show entitled “Big, Wide World”. My accepted work is entitled “Phase”:

And tomorrow, July 22, the Woodstock Artists’ Association and Museum will open its doors to two juried shows. In the main gallery one of my new pieces hangs:

And in the Small Works Show:

So, take an “art break” , get out of the hot sun, and visit a gallery or two.

As always, more of my work can be found at http://www.artmurphy.com