080918: Stuff

I found a rusty old box at a yard sale last Saturday. I never know when something like that might make a good prop. The deal came to one dollar but I had to take its contents. I am now the proud owner of a rusty box full of rusty nuts and bolts. And that is how artists’ studios fill up with all kinds of stuff. Some might even call it junk.

As I looked at the contents of the box I soon realized that I have shelves and boxes full of stuff, work surfaces filled with multiple items, etc. And that’s today’s subject – all from my studio inside and out. Nuts and bolts followed by a near infinity of paint brushes to…


Box of Props

Reams of Scribbled Paper

Wiry Branches

Dead and Dying Flowers




A Garden of Props

Rocks from Jasper Beach


On a completely different note, I ran across these two images in an old folder and had to bring them out – both from about ten years ago.


One final note – we’ll be away for a couple of weeks, eating lots of ice cream!

Thanks for the visit.

010517: A New Year (and a New Show)


I’ve been looking through old libraries lately and running across files that I had long ago forgotten about. My studio is in a state of upheaval, having just finished printing for an upcoming show – that and boxes everywhere in preparation for my upcoming move.


So these images (no fossils today) simply caught my eye for whatever reason and I thought I’d share them with you today.
















These four are from the site of the new studio.








As I periodically pack a box or two something jumps out as if I’d never seen it before. Such was the case with Humpty Dumpty. Sitting there on the shelf next to a globe I bought a couple of years ago.


And, finally, here’s a heads up about a show I’m looking forward to being a part of – Saturday the 14th in Catskill at the GCCA Gallery. I’ll have more on the show next week. This link to an article in the Windham Journal has more information.

Thanks for the visit. And Happy New Year!