092718: Paris Revisited

I recently donated a print of the above image to a charity auction to raise money for the Southern Poverty Law Center (a most worthy cause, to my mind). The image, a favorite of mine, was taken on an upper floor of the d’Orsay Museum in Paris.

Digging up that print got me thinking about my other Paris images and that led to a pleasant afternoon rediscovering that photo library. Here is some of what particularly caught my eye. Above is another from the d’Orsay.

Louvre Window Study

Sortie (Exit)

Windows, Gare d’Austerlitz

Grand Palais



Staircase, Museum of Comparative Anatomy



Louvre Entrance


Book Stalls on the Seine

I’ll finish today with this picture postcard image of the Seine as it passes through the heart of the city.

I hope you enjoyed the visit.

1120: “We’ll Always Have Paris”


A few nights ago I watched (for the umpteenth time) the film Casablanca – easily one of the best films of all time. Sometimes I just watch it with the sound off – just to appreciate all the more the lighting or the framing or the quick-cut editing and close-ups in the climactic scene, etc.,etc.


This time the sound was on. And when I heard that memorable line “We’ll always have Paris” I suddenly realized that it was exactly two years to the day that Cindy and I were there for a show I was in. It was a memorable trip.


Yesterday I found myself revisiting my Paris library. And, in doing so, I found a number of fossil images that I had originally overlooked – all taken at the Gallery of Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy.


So today I have chosen to intermix these new fossil pieces with some of my favorite images of Paris. I hope you enjoy them.





















I’ll leave you now with one of my favorite props set against the shell of a horseshoe crab. Yeah – my studio shelves are full of strange things!


Thanks for the visit.