0129: Busy Packing


Today’s opening image is from a small park in Florence,┬ádirectly across the street from where Cindy and I will be spending the month of February. So I am busy wrapping up loose ends, packing, and studying up on all things related to this newest adventure. I don’t know yet if I will be posting regularly – it will probably be sporadic at best. But I am sure that I will be returning with a trove of images.


One of the things I am wrapping up is the further breakdown of the rock from the stone fence that I displayed last week. As I expected, there was much more to it once I broke it down further. Picture 3 (below) is of a gastropod I very carefully uncovered. It is two inches in diameter and was originally covered by a segment of rock (the area upper-left in blue). Picture 2 (above) shows the impression of the gastropod that I peeled away.


And here are a couple more views. I can often be “all thumbs” when I try to extract something of such interest. But this time patience ruled the day and I had something particularly good to show for it!






As I said, these coarse sandstones are often full of interesting fossils. And this one did not let me down.












We managed a quick visit to NYC to see some museum shows that will be down by the time we get back. A great surprise was our first visit to the new Whitney Museum. It was an absolute delight. The architecture is spectacular and gives many opportunities to uniquely display large works and also give museum visitors wonderful views of the city.


I had forgotten that so many of my very favorite works of art are part of their permanent collection. So it was like visiting old friends to see the likes of Philip Guston, George Tooker, and Arshile Gorky at their very best.


This painting, “The Artist and His Mother” by Gorky always brings tears to my eyes – as sensitive as any painting I know! If you haven’t visited the new Whitney Museum yet please try to find the time.


I’ll leave you with a view of Ponte Vecchio taken on our last trip to Florence. Thanks for the visit. I’ll try to be back soon.