040720: A Little Diversion

A few days before the floor fell out from under the world (as we knew it) I got a call from a person interested in some of my prints. They were from a series I did a number of years ago on the old Burden Iron Works in Troy. Today’s first two images are part of that project. 

Not having viewed them in a while, I dug them up in my photo library. And that act took me down a photo “rabbit hole” that resulted in the contents of this post. It became a pleasant diversion for me. I don’t know if these images string together in any way, other than in my enjoyment reacquainting with them. So without thinking too much about it I thought I’d share them with you. We all deserve some little diversions these days. 


Barnacle Laden Bivalve

Gastropods in a Tortoise Shell


Brachiopod in Hand

Butterflies, La Specola

Devonian Drawer: Gastropod

Abstract Concrete 1

Abstract Concrete 2

59th Street Bridge

Railroad Spur, Long Island City

Railroad Overpass, Long Island City

Triboro Bridge

Thanks for the visit.

5 thoughts on “040720: A Little Diversion

  1. Those old pieces look mighty familiar to me! I have a similar one on my living room wall. Stay sane brother. Thinking of you.

    • So very nice to hear from you Linda. I hope you were able to withstand this past year of COVID madness and are well. I just noticed that my last post appeared exactly one year ago today. Believe it or not I don’t think I have picked up my camera since then. I have not been idle though. My painting has taken over and keeps me more than busy. Thank you for the kind note. Be well.


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      • I’m glad to know you are making more of your fine paintings, Art, even as I miss your posts. And of course I’m glad to know that you are OK.

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