022720: My New Phone

Well, new to me at least. My old phone died a few weeks ago and, of course, it needed to be replaced immediately! (How could any of us survive without…!) While describing the new one to a friend I referred to it, not as a phone with a camera, but rather as a camera with a phone! It was a genuine slip of the tongue. It was also quite accurate. I suppose this is nothing new but I am continually amazed at the rates of advancement.

Today was my first opportunity to play a little with this new camera/phone – just a stroll around my studio on a foggy day.







Never thought I’d ever post a cat picture – “Jack”




I’ll close with a couple of paintings that are works in progress:

Untitled 1 (60″x36″)

Untitled 2 (80″x65″)


Thanks for the visit.

6 thoughts on “022720: My New Phone

  1. Beautiful group, Art. The paintings too! Great to see. I’m still using an iPhone5. Way better than the last Nikon I bought years ago, right? I always think of the phone part as just something Apple throws in at the end. Cheers, old buddy.

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