020118: New Landscapes

Since the earliest days of photography the landscape has provided seemingly endless subject matter for the adventurous photographer. From the exploits of William Henry Jackson in the 1800s to Ansel Adams in the 1900s to today’s latest crop of photographers, gaining access to the “perfect” vantage point has always been key.

As technology has rapidly advanced that access has expanded greatly. Aerial photography gave us fresh and new views of our environment. Drones have now vastly expanded that view.

And today satellites and space missions have introduced us to views we never could have ¬†imagined. In a previous post (Circles and Arcs) I introduced stunning images of Saturn and its moons taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

Today’s images come from NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover. Yes, these landscapes, or should I say “Marscapes”, show us scenes that seem almost familiar.

Thanks to the fine people at NASA there are huge collections of images available to all for viewing. In the case of Mars there are many, many high resolution images available with all necessary scientific information relating to each specific location photographed.

FYI – NASA’s budget continues to be cut. Non-science bureaucrats have been given the reins at government agencies









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