100517: Circles and Arcs

I geeked out again this week on NASA’s Cassini website and found myself mesmerized by the amazing images of Saturn and its moons. Those images triggered a response in kind thanks to my pile of props – junk of all kinds, especially circular metal objects. That led me to today’s exercise – an attempt to explore some simple shapes.

Two of Saturn’s moons – Titan and Diane.


Titan passing in front of Saturn’s rings.


Saturn’s two largest moons – Titan and Rhea.


Another view of Titan passing across the face of Saturn.


The moon Enceladus appears before Saturn’s rings while the larger moon Titan looms in the distance.


The North Pole of Saturn


Clouds forming over Saturn.

These and many other beautiful images may be found at the NASA Cassini website:

Goodbye to the Dark Side

Thanks for the visit.

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