072717: A Walk in the Woods

The past few days have seen an explosion of mushrooms. A brief walk in the woods  turned into a fine shooting opportunity for me. I’ve learned from past experiences that mushrooms grow fast when the conditions are right. Fortunately my ever so flexible schedule allowed me to take time to explore.

I know little about mushrooms. I do know that they are fascinating to look at.

To show how quickly they grow please note the image above. Then take a look at the image below. these images were taken 24 hours apart.

That fly was not the only flying insect around. The fresh rains and heavy humidity helped to create whole armies of mosquitos that made thoughtful and deliberate camera adjustments luxuries I could not afford!

I was particularly struck by what I think was such a wide variety of mushroom types in a relatively small area.






I also happened to run across a plant whose leaves (or fronds) were the size of a baby elephant’s ears! I couldn’t resist bring them back to the studio. These are a few of the studies that resulted.




Who knows what the surrounding forest might yield next?!

Thanks for the visit.

4 thoughts on “072717: A Walk in the Woods

    • Thanks for the information Linda. Honestly, I’ve not been particularly motivated to understand them better. In the meantime, how are the dumpsters coming along? All the best, Art >

  1. I think Linda would make a great research assistant for you, Art. I’d ask her myself but I’m sure she has better things to do than identifying old cars. Great series.

  2. Couldn’t comment for some reason. Since Fantasia, i have always seen mushrooms dancing. That red one is a special charmer. Go on with your rambles nature boy. I go to LBI next friday for my own observations!


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