051117: The Small Stuff

Between the packing and unpacking and the resettling in a new place I have many different objects in plain view in my studio. That, and discoveries in my various “stacks,” all help in providing me with fresh visual stimulation.

That seems perfectly appropriate at this point in time. So this week I decided to take the time to explore some of the “small stuff” that I have carted off to yet another destination.









These two guys were hidden away for a long time and I was happy to see them again. I think I’ll keep them out for a while. By the way, the top image is picture of Flash Gordon sitting at a perfectly cool console! And below is a rediscovered self portrait from 1992.

Thanks for the visit today. And remember the Open House on Saturday the 20th, 1-5pm, 15 Mountain Wood Road, Catskill.


Today a postscript: Important Stuff

We got word this morning at the last minute that our congressman John Faso was planning a visit to the Catskill Senior Center and have lunch with some of the members. This is the same John Faso who has voted to take away funding to the many programs that help fund such activities. This is the same John Faso who refuses to meet in open session with his constituents. Approximately fifty or so of us local residents showed up, I suppose, to just let him know that we are here and he may not be come the next election. His car pulled up to the front door and hurried in. Later this young assistant drove their car around to the back of the building right next to the rear door to make his escape! A real Profile in Courage!

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