111716: Change is Coming


Well that’s pretty obvious. Who knows how all this change will play out. In the meantime, though, the idea of change is taking on personal significance. After nearly thirteen years I am preparing to move my studio – giving up this wonderful little cabin in the woods for another forest setting. The foundation was just finished and building will begin on my new studio in the woods across from our home.


It will take months to complete. When done, I’ll have much more space to work in – more than twice what I currently have. Needless to say, the slow migration of supplies and rocks to the new location will upend the current routine and orderliness (?) I currently operate under. So, for the next few months (and hopefully no more), my posts will be a bit more sporadic.


This week’s images are the result of some of the changes.


I’ve always maintained that one needn’t go far to find visually interesting opportunities.


Sometimes a fresh look at out immediate surroundings can open paths to explore.


In this case today I have focused on the excavated site of the new studio with its uncovered rocks and early stage foundation work.
















These last two are from the evening of the full moon. On top – a moody Autumn evening image along the Hudson. And below – the aforementioned full moon rising over the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.


I’l be away next week. So please have a happy and warm Thanksgiving holiday whatever you do.

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