051916: Sandstone


This week I kept up my Spring cleaning effort, clearing out the many fossil rocks surrounding my studio – not all of them though. There are too many that continue to have shooting possibilities. And therein lies the problem, especially with the many sandstone rocks that I have collected.


Most of the sandstone comes from the nearby creek beds.


Cracking them open is a real treat as they are often dense with all kinds of coral, brachiopods, cephalopods, and often enough trilobites.


All these shown today are sandstone pieces, so this should give you some idea of the diversity to be found.


Sometimes when I crack one of these rocks open it seems like whole alien landscapes appear in miniature form!


The density of life that once sank to the seabed to eventually become fossilized is an amazing testament to the early forces of life spreading on the planet some 400 million years ago.


And while it is hard to imagine these seemingly alien life forms inhabiting the seas one only need see some of the latest videos of newly discovered life forms in today’s seas.


You can find some here from NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer.


 Science fiction couldn’t imagine anything stranger!




I have a show coming up mid summer and the subject will be the natural world and related topics.


So I’ve gone back to lichen to see once again what that subject might hold.


The design elements fall in line with much of my recent work – the abstract concrete and the rock studies in particular.


Fortunately I have plenty of time to play out this idea and print in time for the July show. I’m sure there will be more to come.


Thanks for the visit.

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