0211: Notes From Florence


Ten days into our thirty day stay in Florence and I’m beginning to think it’s not enough time to explore everything on my list. Thanks to my very dear friends at the Museum of Natural History I have been able to immerse myself in the natural sciences…




…already shooting fossils (from the Paleontological Section)…



…butterflies and beetles (from the Entomology Department)…



artifacts from James Cook’s third and final voyage through the Pacific (from the Anthropology Section), and a host of others soon to be addressed.

This is just a quick, early edit. In the meantime, though, here are some shots from the street – not the usual travel photos! Some of my favorite street art exists in Italy. And Florence has plenty of wonderful examples:





And finally, a couple more from the street. The first is a boy in the local park returning from the latest Star Wars Movie.


Our evenings are not complete until our after dinner stroll for gelato when we pass under the watchful eye of Dante, standing over Piazza Santa Croce.


Thanks for the visit.

More to come!

3 thoughts on “0211: Notes From Florence

  1. Ah Art, now I’m quite missing Firenze. I count myself fortunate to have seen your photo exhibit at the museum when we finally met. A few of those fossils look familiar. But I love the insect and butterfly. Lush colors, like an old fresco. And of course your month there is not enough. There is no such thing as enough time in Italy.

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