0121: Walking Stone Fences


A morning break for me often involves a walk down the quiet country road that runs past my studio. Like many of the small country roads around here there are stone fences that run parallel. Farmers clearing their fields for planting set the stones at the periphery and they eventually grew into field dividers, property lines, etc.


Every once in a while, as I eye the rocks as I walk past them, something anomalous jumps out and I stop for a closer look. The other day I found this rock sitting atop the fence down the road. (The table it sits on is 18″x24″ and the rock is 14-15″ deep). It is a decent sized piece of coarse sandstone that must have been moved to this field by some natural event thousands or millions of years ago.


I knew immediately that it would be full of fossils – marine invertebrate fossils – from the bed of an inland sea that occupied this location some 387 million years ago.


It did not disappoint!


I only had time for a few solid hits to my chisel and the early results were great. Cephalopods, brachiopods, coral appeared with each new hit.


Plenty more to dig into on this rock when time permits.










A little further down the road that same fence line yielded another encounter with lichen that covered many of the exposed rocks on top.


These are a few more images from that folder.






Thanks for the visit. And stay warm!

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