1210: A Second Look


Some of this week’s images might seem familiar to the regular viewer. Sometimes the fossils deserve a second look. Sometimes a different mood or a different light might bring out different features. Even these first two images show how a slight difference in framing yields decision making issues – so rather than show one today I am showing both.




This one I can photograph ten different ways and it always seems to satisfy.


These last three brachiopods each have their own particular character – from the partial impression above…


…to this crisp little one hiding under moss…


…to this rock with its brachs and their other assorted Devonian brethren.



My good friend and Renaissance man of High Falls Road, Harry Matthews, adorns his property with these wonderful rock sculptures (actually his entire property is one massive art project). So it’s always fun to stop by with camera. The image above is a straight view of the work. I mention this because the next two are the result of some camera trickery.


These two, part of a series of (intentional) happy accidents, result from an misapplication of the camera’s panorama mode. Fast camera motion forces the camera software to fill in where information was poorly captured – thus the distortions.


Experimenting is good.



These two images are the result of yesterday’s walk. The flat rocks that top off a neighboring stone fence were covered with all kinds of lichen. Each image contains one lichen-covered rock sitting on another larger lichen-covered rock. Maybe I’ll start shooting lichen (and give the mushrooms a break!)




I’ll close out with another visit to a recent group of images. Here again, somewhat different versions carry with them a different charm than the earlier ones shown.





I found this next one on Facebook (sorry I have no attribution). I thought that, with the way things are these days, we need to remind ourselves:


Thanks for the visit.

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