1203: Combining the Two


I guess this had to happen – this opening image, that is. All this time lately going back and forth between the fossils and mushrooms has led to this pairing. The mushroom was one from the trash heap, one that had gone past its prime. The brachiopod fossil seemed to work well with all those lines.


So before I get to today’s fossil images here are a few more mushroom pics for you.






The image above is currently hanging in the annual Holiday Show at the Woodstock Artist Association and Museum (WAAM). And below is one last mushroom image – this one appearing at WAAM where it has been given an honorable mention in the Small Works Show. The opening for both shows is set for this Saturday (4pm-6pm) in Woodstock.




My studio is surrounded by piles of rocks. Rocks filled with fossils. All carried back here from their nearby homes of the past 387 million years. And, were it not for a good leaf blower, they’d probably hide for another 387 million years under heavy annual blankets of leaves!


There as at least a few thousand of them laying around, many of which I have long forgotten. These are a few that I was able to reacquaint myself with the other day. The first two are corals from a dry stream bed down the road.


These next two, broken out of much larger rocks, come from the Kaaterskill Creek at a point only a hundred yards away from the aforementioned dry bed. In this case these two rocks each contain several cephalopods.




And this last rock contains a fossil root (or branch) from the Gilboa Forest in Schoharie County.



I’ll close for today with images from a second visit to an old (1830s) building in Catskill. With the exception of the next image, all others are various states of wallpapers and their decay over time.


This gives an overall sense of the level of disrepair. I am sure, though, that the day will come when this room and all the others will be transformed into beautiful living space.






Thanks for the visit.

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