1022: Mushrooms



As promised last week, I have my first selection of mushrooms here today. The open door from my friend and neighbor, Gary, to photograph them was too hard to resist. His operation, which services many of the finer restaurants in the area, produces  mushrooms that, I gather, are every bit as tasty as they are beautiful.


I don’t eat mushrooms – never been a big fan. But what fun it is to point the camera at them!


As subject matter they seem to appeal to me in a way similar to the fossils I spend so much time with.


Each one is just a little different.


Each one is of striking natural design.


They grow in a matter of days. And they are interesting to view at just about every stage of growth.


I’ll have more next week and into the future, I am sure!




An opportunity to walk through an old building in the early stage of rehab yielded these next three images – torn wallpaper.


This too will call for more visits!




I also managed to give a little attention to some new fossil finds.


Brachiopods everywhere around here.




One final note for today – this is my 200th weekly post. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the many thousands of viewers who have visited this site, especially those regular and loyal viewers. Many thanks to all of you for your continued visits.

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