1015: Bits of Autumn


I couldn’t start this week’s post without a nod to the autumn colors, sometimes vibrant, sometimes soft. It is a riot of color outside my studio right now – there for all too short a time.


As you know, I’ve been preoccupied with color lately, particularly as related to the rocks of coastal Maine.


Here is the latest group of images from that library.




***** IMG_2762_01_LR_12








I did manage to take advantage of the good weather and beautiful scenery with, among other activities, a trip to the local quarry. I hadn’t been there since early Spring and I was anxious to crack some rocks! Ii’s great therapy actually – and there is often a little prize to be found.


These are a few of the “prizes” from that trip.


More to come.



I had to throw this last image in. I just got back from a visit with a friend and neighbor. Gary  has a farm down the road where he grows mushrooms (and sells to many of the finer restaurants in the area).  I have wanted to spend time there shooting the various, exotic mushrooms and today was the day. So, this is the first one I saw when I opened my library. There will be a fresh batch of mushrooms waiting in next week’s installment.


Thanks for the visit.

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