0723: Hot Summer Days


I thought last week’s mushroom pics were enough on the subject for now. That was until Cindy eyed this one near our home. Aside from its horrible odor, these first three images show that it was definitely worth some attention.






This last image is from one of last week’s mushrooms – a week later, sufficiently shriveled and taking on a very different look.



The big story this past week was the heat (No, not Donald Trump). Here in the Hudson Valley we were spared the worst of it, compared to those to the south of us. I even saw that Italy and much of the Mediterranean were dealing with 100+ degree days.


Nonetheless, it was plenty uncomfortable around here. Whenever that occurs my escape route usually leads to the nearby creek where the difference in temperature can be as much as ten degrees. But, instead of a relaxing reprieve, I found myself running into fossils wherever I looked.


These all appeared on the rock surfaces along the creek and all have been long exposed to the elements (including an often overflowing creek).














This last fossil did not come from the creek. Rather, I just this morning broke it out of a rock. A small edge was exposed in a very dense rock that I had found a number of years ago, and I thought it inpenetrable – that is, until today. A couple of carefully placed hits to my chisel and the whole thing was exposed. I think it is a dipleura (a Devonian trilobite) – Anyone more knowledgable than me (and there are plenty of you out there) please feel free to weigh in. It is approximately 2″ wide and 2.25″ long – somewhat larger that the field guide suggests. Either way, it was a real treat to uncover this one.



Finally, this picture was released yesterday by NOAA. It is the first time the planet has been photographed since the iconic “Blue Marble” image was taken from Apollo 17 in 1972. This one was taken by a NASA camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory from one million miles away. It’s another fine space story – science at its best. Follow the links to read the story in full.

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