0701: Enjoy the Holiday Weekend


I’m a day early with this post. The holiday weekend is just about upon us. I hope you have a safe and happy Fourth. Today’s opener you might remember from a few years ago when a group of photographer friends gathered to shoot the annual Saugerties parade (and turned it into a bang-up show the following year). It was especially appropriate to show it again as it was just chosen for a show entitled “War and Peace” at the Darkroom Gallery in Essex Junction, Vermont, opening July 23.



The other day I paid a visit to the Thomas Cole home (National Historic Site) to see a friend. It’s a great place to visit, directly across the Hudson from Olana, home of Frederick Church, once a student of Cole’s. The earliest art movement in American history, the Hudson River School, was born here. And its legacy remains.

Cole was buried just down the road at the Thompson Street Cemetery, a site I have been curious about for a long time. And so, fresh from conversation about Mr. Cole,  I decided to pay a visit to the cemetery. Rain forced me to eventually leave, but not before this little adventure yielded some interesting results


Most of the headstones I saw ran from 1850 to 1900. And many of them were in various stages of disrepair. In fact, more than a few are just neatly piled pieces.







I have often found that trees in cemeteries can have a particularly stately, almost regal, quality. This one is a perfect example. I suppose what impresses me most is that, left undisturbed, they completely rule. Nothing stands in their way. Witness the two small headstones (above) being shoved around by the massive roots. Or the reverse side (below) literally swallowing a large stone.


By the way, I never did find Cole’s grave. I know it’s there  – another good reason to return.



I’m still breaking rocks from my last quarry visit. These first two show broken pieces on my rock breaking surface (a bigger rock)!








Driving back to the studio i passed the neighboring beaver pond – flush with water lilies.

All in all a pretty good day.




I’ll leave you with one last image from the cemetery – one that sticks in the mind.

Thanks for the visit.

1 thought on “0701: Enjoy the Holiday Weekend

  1. I have wanted to say this for a very long time. I love your blog!! Through white snow winters and hot summers , its so nice following all the thing you do! I am from Holland and we have to travel to other countries to see and find what you can see every day. You save me the trip! Although i will try to find some myself..

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