0625: Busy Days


These days I always have more than enough to do in the studio. It’s a joy and a blessing to spend my days this way. And I am happily engaged. The return to drawing is providing  more and more thoughts and ideas – new things to try – different approaches to familiar landscapes, if you will.




It will ebb and flow in its usual way. For now, though, it’s proving to be stimulating – a great start to Summer.









Yesterday morning delivered a bright sun and a cool breeze, And it made me think about the neighboring quarry. In the past, weekly visits were often †he norm. But lately, like I said, I’ve been busy. I’ve only been up there a few times since Winter’s passing. I was overdue for a visit. So I went. Everything else could wait. The picture above shows only a small number of the rocks that came back with me – plenty of discoveries to come. For now, here are a few early ones:












I’ll leave you today with something completely different – from another series I am working on.

IMG_4420 copy 2crop_LR

Thanks for the visit.



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