0521: Color


It must be the effect of Spring on me this year – the riot of color, its richness and variety – that brought on this change. I often like to deal with warm, muted colors or even, more simply, black and white. But this week’s images, aided in a few cases by some interesting backgrounds, seem to embrace the color present.



















Favorite fossils I have found (two of many many). Above, the rock holds impressions of a gastropod and a crinoid stem. Below is a solid piece of honeycomb coral. Both are roughly 385 million years ago. They each sit on darkslides from an old wooden 8×10 film holder – a near fossil in the eyes of many!



This being the start of the Memorial Day Weekend, I wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday weekend. Pause, at least for a moment, to consider the meaning and intention of Memorial Day. It is to honor those who have served – not the policymakers but rather those who face the consequences of policy.


I leave you with probably one of my last film images from my old beaten up view camera – a memorable Memorial Day celebration twelve years ago with dear friends.

 Group portrait_8x10_LR

Thanks for the visit.


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