0423: Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning has found its way outside for me this past week. The good weather had me moving piles of fossil-laden rocks from one place to another in an attempt to generally clean up my working areas. And that gave me the opportunity to rediscover and reacquaint myself with past finds – and create a long new list of images awaiting. The quarry is spilling over with fossils so I add them to that list.


And yet I found some time to drift back into my Italy library. A friend from Florence arrives today for a visit, so I threw together an odd mix of mostly street shots of that city. The image at the top is a Florence Shop Window. And the one above is a Grafitti/Madonna street scene.



Sign at Church Entrance



Florence Flag Fresco



Stick Figure Madonna



Florence Antique Shop



 Florence Street Scene



Speaking of Italy – As I was cleaning out boxes in my studio I ran across this old Dubonnet tin that I had packed away. I had forgotten its contents – my fossil stash from Tuscany. What a happy surprise!.


I’ll finish this post with a selection of latest images – some different approaches to my new finds from the field. All but the first image are Devonian fossils. (The first is a quarry rock that captured my attention and seemed to fit comfortably into an old bird’s nest.)

Enjoy the rest.














I’ll be off on a little adventure for the next couple of weeks and that may upset my regular schedule. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some good images.Thank you for the visit.


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