0409: Leaving Winter Behind

IMG_8175_01_LR_12Spring seems to be something of a tease here in upstate NY these days. One day the sun comes out and the temperature beckons us to partake. The next day overcast with chance of evening snow showers. All this will pass soon and when it does the whole world will blossom.


This past week I caught a bit of both – the dying gasps of winter and the final disappearance of snow and ice – and on the following day a sunny, warm and successful first trip to my favorite quarry.


These first few images come from the neighboring beaver pond, still with the last remains of its icy cover. What the pictures don’t reflect were the sounds that filled the air – from peepers to scores of ducklings – alerting us to the fullness of the season about to unveil itself.



The following day, rather than being cold and rainy, was a nearly perfect Spring day. And no better way to spend it than climbing around the hilltop quarry just down the road. Jacket cast aside, hammer and chisel in hand, it felt great to once again climb through the woods to one of my favorite fossil sites.


It was a good haul for the first trip of the year. These images came from the rocks I filled the back of the car with. In many cases the fossils shown here were not visible at first. Rather, they were buried within the rocks, waiting for the hammer crack that freed them from four hundred million years of darkness.














This last one comes from an area in the quarry that is much more “shale-y”, rock that is much more easily crushed into gravel for fill and driveways. It’s also where various chemical processes have played interesting color games. This particular rock bears the imprint of a gastropod. I believe the gastropod that sits on the rock (on the left) is the one that left the imprint.


That day had enough time left for me to reach for a prop that had been waiting patiently on a studio shelf. Many more good days ahead to play with this one.

For now, though, I formally say goodbye to winter and the last of the snow that made my driveway impassable for months.


Thanks for the visit.




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