0226: Revisiting the Peabody


By “revisiting” I mean looking over images in my library from my visit a while back. Two days shooting at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History left me with too many “selects!” – a problem one likes to have. Actually, it’s hard to miss when the subjects are so impressive. It was a  wonderful experience. The fossils were certainly a wider array than I am familiar with (from Devonian crinoids to Jurassic shrimp).

Browsing through that  picture library also led me to a group of moody images from a quiet day in the Tuscan hills.These images proved to be a fine escape from the cold and snow and allowed me to explore some different techniques – while at the same time offering a glimmer of hope that Spring arrive soon!

Enjoy the pics and stay warm.








IMG_0235_01_LR_12*****  IMG_0610_01_LR_12





















Thanks for the visit.

2 thoughts on “0226: Revisiting the Peabody

  1. FANTASTIC! Missed them last week because I was at a meeting at the American Museum and just got around to seeing these (and the ones from today). They are spectacular!

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