0219: Space


When I first set eyes on this structure I saw it as a true monument – with a primal, “Stonehenge” sort of presence – one that spoke to the significant steps we, as a species, took heading off into space. These two images are from a story I shot years ago (pre-digital) at the Kennedy Space Center: The first is a cannibalized gantry and the other an outbuilding from which some of the earliest manned space flights originated. The condition of these abandoned buildings reflect the reality of America’s current lack of substantial involvement in space (and all the tangential discoveries lost as well).

a copy_LR_12

What brought that to mind was a notice I saw the other day about a large photography auction From the Earth to the Moon: Vintage NASA Photographs . Hundreds of wonderful prints, many never seen publicly, show the brilliance of the achievement.


I pulled these two images from the downloadable PDF, a treasure trove for anyone interested, with descriptions accompanying each print in the auction. And while I marveled at the events they gave witness to I felt a bit of nostalgia. Perhaps nostalgic for a time when science was respected and accepted for its role and value in a culture. And for the pursuit of knowledge. All for the greater good.


I’ve written before about the anti-science crowd, the cheaply transparent “I’m not a scientist but…” politicians, et al. And I hate to belabor it. But these are some of the same people who, as we saw last week with current leader of the pack presidential contender, Scott Walker, can’t quite say if he believes in evolution! (This is the same Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, who plans to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the state education funds.) There are consequences when zealots and charlatans gain hold of the reins of power.


They might even question the age of these fossils I wish to share with you today – all Devonian marine invertebrates approximately 387 million years old. Its a strange and interesting world we earthlings inhabit! Enjoy it and enjoy this invertebrate mix.




























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