0212: A Museum Experience


I have two groups of new images today. One is part of my ongoing exploration of the marine invertebrate fossils abundant in the immediate area. The other is a bit of rule-breaking – shooting where conditions don’t normally allow. As often can happen when disregarding the rules, interesting visual possibilities arise.

So let’s start with this mix of gastropods, brachiopods and coral:











I had a conversation recently with a friend and fellow photographer about what catches one’s eye, that demands you pick up the camera and explore. Oftentimes, it’s not the brilliant or the grandiose that is most compelling, but rather that which is nearby, sometimes even underfoot (That’s how I got started with the fossils – I kept tripping over them!). An inquisitive mind open to one’s surroundings, whatever they might be, can yield up some interesting (and fun) results.


In this case, it was time to kill at a museum one day that led to this set of images. Wildlife dioramas, too dimly lit to shoot normally, suggested intentional blurring. Digital screens give immediate feedback. So, each capture can easily suggest the next one and the next one, etc. In my case, this  turns into a kind of intuitive choreography that develops in real time. To me the results in several of these images tend to suggest an almost feral mystery.













I ran across this in an old folder – 1992 – That’s me on set working with the Muppets!


Thanks for the visit.

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