0122: Back to Gilboa


Early mornings have been cold up here lately. The cold wakes you up in a hurry. The air is clear and crisp. If you dress properly for it, it can be a joy to behold. It can also reward with sights like the opening image – dawn light touching the eastern edge of the Catskills.


Too cold to be out digging in the quarry! So, as I usually do this time of year, I dive into my photo libraries, viewing old images anew, particularly those I skipped over originally. The image above is a brachiopod sitting atop a few junkyard props.


This next group was the result of several trips to Gilboa in the year following Hurricane Irene. The flooding churned up creek beds, yielding all kinds of wonders – not least of which was my very own encounter with a Gilboa tree stump!


What follows are rocks containing tree root and branch fossils, as well as various trace fossils and other patterning and colors. In size, they range from one to four feet across. I hope you enjoy them.























Last – a pic from a trip the other day to the town of Narrowsburg NY, dropping off for a show next month.

IMG_7614 copy copy

Thanks for the visit. Stay warm!







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