1113: A (New) Old Forest


Exciting news regarding a local find. This past Sunday I attended a talk by Dr. William Stein, paleobiologist from SUNY Binghamton, where he discussed the finding of a forest floor in nearby Cairo that is slightly older than the famous Gilboa Forest. There had been talk of the discovery but only now was it publicly announced.


The talk was followed up with a visit to the site, a wide flat quarry, sectioned off for everything from gravel piles to dump sites. In the flat areas bedrock contained the evidence of tree bases and long serpentine furrows that once held tree roots, some as long as 25 to 35 feet. The opening image shows the original position of a tree with roots splaying out from that central point.


Red clay filled many of the furrows. While the visuals from the site might not appear to be breathtaking the discovery certainly is.


Bill held the full attention of all 50 of us for the long afternoon, going into great detail as to the significance of the discovery. We were all most grateful for the opportunity.




I even found the time to explore some non-fossils. A pile of industrial junk caught my eye and I found this interesting assemblage. Back in the studio I thought I’d have some fun with it, exploring the creative possibilities that this piece might yield. So I thought I’d share that exploration with you with the next few images.







I’ll finish today with a few fossil images, from my never-ending quest of documenting my quarry next door!








Thanks for the visit.


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