1030: Mid Autumn


A Sunday drive up Platte Clove on a day of ever changing weather led to these first few images. These three were taken in locations atop the Clove. There are numerous trailheads, endless streams, and, in general, wonderful views. Good weather or bad, it always seems beautiful up there.






I’ve also been digging around in the neighboring quarry – trying to get as much time in as the weather will allow. On sunny days it’s a hard place to resist. And, while the view is plenty of reason to perch oneself up there, the amount of fossils under foot is incalculable.












These last two fossil images come from a nearby dry stream bed. The fossils are firmly embedded in a very large rock (way too big to haul back to the studio). A few years ago I cracked through the top layers of the rock to expose them. So every season I try to stop by to say hello and see what exposure to the elements do to them visually.




Certainly seems like a mix of images today. Here we have the results of spending a rainy day in the studio – an attempt to look at things in a different way.


IMG_6798_01 _LR_10

Thanks for the visit.

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