1009: Low Water


Very little rain for quite a while around here. Creeks are usually low this time of year but even more so now. That makes it pretty easy to hopscotch from rock to rock into areas not normally available for viewing. And that’s how I spent the past couple of days, enjoying the setting, knowing that all this will soon turn cold and gray.


Large slabs of stone, full of fossils. All are pretty well worn down from the constant contact with moving water over who knows how many years. Here are a couple of close-ups from the rock seen above:






So this was the setting yesterday along Kaaterskill Creek, just up from my studio. The sun is out today. I’m thinking I should be back out there right now instead of writing this! So here’s the product of the last two trips. I’m off to the creek. I hope you enjoy seeing images.
















Anywhere you look along the creek you can find beauty!



Thanks for the visit.


5 thoughts on “1009: Low Water

  1. Hi Art, I love every edition of artandfossils i receive, but i just had to comment on this particular set of photos…the spots of greenery and pine needles are amazing….the long view photo of the creek with the up close view of the digging tools…all spectacular. I am always transported! Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Arzi. I’m glad you enjoy the work. The area is always so beautiful that a camera will reflect that beauty wherever you point it! It’s a good weekend coming up. Get out and enjoy it!

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