0925: Maine Color


Just back from a week on the Maine coast – a glorious week that I would love to expand on. Unfortunately I returned to a computer in its death throes. So I’m hurrying to get this out in the midst of random crashes! More on our stay next week. For now, though, a brief note about the trip.


I researched the area (all the way up the coast near the Canadian border) and found lists of possible fossil sites. I even got help from some very knowledgeable friends. And yet Cindy and I found not a single fossil, nor even a hint. Conversations with locals only drew blank stares. Good thing I’ve been expanding my focus lately. As you may remember from recent posts, the rocks in the quarry, the markings in concrete, etc. have captured my attention. There are rocks aplenty in Maine – the entire coast, in fact. And what beauties they are.


I started the week walking the rocky shore, finding a few objects to play around with – one of those “use what you’ve got” moments started the process. A shell sitting on a piece of kelp, sitting on a rock.


Then just a piece of kelp on a rock. The dried kelp was translucent, with a reddish tint to it. In this case it had dried wrapped around a small rock, creating this wonderful shape. The opening image at the top of this blog is another piece of kelp sitting on the same rock.


And then, finally, I stripped the process down to the simplest element – the rocks themselves. The colors, the patterns. the shapes… I could go on and on! But I won’t. So, before this computer does its technological swan dive I’ll share these first round picks. More on the trip (in all its glorious color) next week.



















Time now for me to visit the Apple store.

More on Maine next week.

Thanks for the visit.


One thought on “0925: Maine Color

  1. Colors and shapes a bit extraterrestrial. Maybe that was the problem with Canada not having fossils–a nation of aliens. My computer, unsupported XP program, also in death throes. Had to quickly get one. Dependency!

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