0911: This Time Last Year


It was exactly one year ago Cindy and I were departing to Florence and my show at the Natural History Museum. I find Florence to be on my mind often these days. At any given moment I could imagine myself there. For now, though, we’re heading somewhere closer to home tomorrow – far up the Maine coast – for a brief trip now that my Beacon show has just come down. So there will be no blog posting next week – hopefully some fresh new work upon our return.


But for now let me reflect briefly on the events of last September. We worked hard to get the Florence show up.


It paid off in a multitude of ways. We had a great turnout. The work was viewed in two rooms of the museum, one of which had never previously been open to the public.

IMG_1152_LR_8 copy

We made new friends


And strengthened our existing friendships


All under the watchful gaze of a familiar face


under a full moon (hanging over Santa Croce)


with the Duomo always in view.


The street shrines always capture my attention.






Everywhere one looks


there is beauty


Always plenty to shoot.

Thanks for the visit.

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