0904: Back to the Creek


A mid-afternoon spike in the temperature got me out of the studio and down to the creek where a cool breeze relaxed and revived me. As I sat there, luxuriating in Mother Nature’s nearest cooling station, I stared upstream, remembering what it looked like when I first moved here.


The steps of rock that were (and are) streambed were visually unblemished. This picture was taken during Spring of 2011, months before Hurricane Irene.


This is what followed (and remains today). Not better or worse, to my way of thinking, just the reality of ever changing landscape. In this case, loose rock was transported from upstream by the force of the water. And now, with the water level low, I could step across the loose rock and get a close look at what had been deposited. Surely I could find a fossil or two, I thought.


Actually, many more than two…


These come from rocks I found during the first few minutes of looking.


And so I have more reason now to hang out at the creek. This is going to the office for me!



I have a new series I’d like to share with you. Now that my “Abstract/Concrete” show is about to come down (this is its last weekend) it’s time to further explore this world of color and design.


I’m calling this series The Swarm. It’s at a very early stage right now. Some images may seem redundant or duplicative. But for now I’m exploring the many different ways these subjects can frame.


So, with that in mind, I hope you enjoy them.IMG_4432_01_LR_10













I can’t resist good graffiti. Something to ponder until next week. Thanks for the visit.

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