0717: Getting Close


I’ve been working feverishly on my upcoming solo show “Abstract/Concrete” set to open in three weeks –  August 9th at the Beacon Artist Union. Today’s opening image is the latest in that effort. I have found a little time, though, to turn my attention elsewhere.


My good friend and fellow photographer, Moshe Katvan, called the other day. He needed to find a few locations to shoot for an ad campaign he’s currently working on. Specifically, he needed “…lots of rocks in a wilderness setting.” He certainly knew the right person to call!


So I took him to some of my favorite fossil locations. It worked out great for him. And for me too – it allowed me to poke around, while he worked, and find fresh subject matter for me to shoot. Here are two from that site – along Kaaterskill Creek.




We also took a bit of time to drop by my favorite neighborhood quarry.


We weren’t there more than a half hour.


This selection, this remainder of images, is the result of that quick stop.








Thanks for the visit.


4 thoughts on “0717: Getting Close

  1. Almost feel the fossils in these shots are like gems, jewelry, so iridescent and polished they look. Wish best August 9th, and since it’s my birthday, maybe that will be a strong wish.

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